X-park Františkov
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Františkov 124 , 788 23 Jindřichov, Czechy


+420 777 639 629
Františkov 124
788 23 Jindřichov, Czechy
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X-park Františkov

Modern centre which is between Hanušovice and Jeseník was opened last year. I tis complementary to Petříkov and Ramzová, which are 6 km far from Františkov. Ski centre offers ideal terrain icluding foul territory for family with children.
Main lift with capacity 1 200 persons per hour takes skiers to the place where they can choose red or blue ski slope. The red one is 500 m long with one hundred vertical drop. The blue one is about hundred metres longer. For the smallest skiers is children rope lift, which is 65 m long. Slopes are artificialy snowed.

Good conditions in Františkov can be find by cross-country skiers, because conformed trail is connected to blue touristic trail in the direction of Nové Losiny. For this year is opened also skating ring.

In ski centre is also fast food and rest room with childrens’ corner. Parking is 50 m far from the lift and is free.

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Naučná stezka Pasák

Naučná stezka Pasák

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Nejnižší bod: 814 m.n.m.
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