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The Jeseníky Mountains, together with the neighbouring Králický Sněžník and Rychlebské hory, are interwoven with more than three hundred kilometres of perfectly maintained cross-country ski trails. All three mountain ranges are connected by a unique winter thoroughfare, the so-called Jesenická Ski Route.

The White Track Trail connects the most popular cross-country skiing resorts in North Moravia.
Avid cross-country skiers serve the route as a nutritious weekend treat, but you can of course enjoy its atmosphere in parts on individual sections or associated circuits. Below we present the individual locations.

Information about the current state of groomed trails in the Jeseníky Mountains is brought to you every Friday here and continuously at


The maintenance of the cross-country ski trails in the Jeseníky Mountains is carried out with the financial contribution of the Olomouc Region, the town of Šumperk, the Jesenicko Microregion and the municipalities: Velké Losiny, Loučná nad Desnou, Rapotín, Sobotín, Petrov nad Desnou. The Jeseníky Tourism Association coordinates the maintenance of the trails in the Jeseníky Mountains.

Collection for trail maintenance:

Take the opportunity to contribute financially to the maintenance of cross-country skiing trails by making any contribution to the public collection at account no.: 283995131/0300 or directly to individual localities and participate in improving the quality of groomed trails. You will find the contact and bank details of the respective trail maintainers at each location. You can also donate by sending an SMS to 87 777 with the text message "DMS LBTJESENIKY 30", "DMS LBTJESENIKY 60" or "DMS LBTJESENIKY 90". The price of the DMS is 30, 60 or 90 CZK.

Even a quiet white trail leads through a living natural environment, drive with consideration and discretion. Everyone has the right to enter the forest at their own risk, but also the duty to act in such a way as to avoid endangering or damaging nature.

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